Monumental Moments

I’ve heard people talk about how good things can come out of terrible situations.  Well, yesterday was total crap. Clearly, I wrote the saddest blog post I have ever written, but it’s good to share your emotions, right? Yeah, we can just go with that.  Anyways! Last night I did something that scares me intensely.  I played that song that was making me cry yesterday, all by myself in front of my roommates.  It may sound silly, but I conquered a fear for a song with the help of my two incredible roommates singing the song with me before I sang alone and some extra courage.

Thinking about how those moments lead up to me singing in front of my friends, I know it would have never happened without everything that happened yesterday.  I wouldn’t have said anything to them about me learning a song, if I hadn’t learned the song. I wouldn’t have learned the song if I hadn’t woken up from my nap incredibly sad. and I wouldn’t have taken a nap if I hadn’t gotten an intense migraine.  So to end this annoying list of events, all these little “bad” moments of my day add up to the monumental moment of me singing infront my roommates.

Music is something that I am intensely passionate about, so I don’t know why I get so nervous to sing in front of people.  Maybe it’s because I’m scared of people thinking I’m a bad singer, maybe it’s because I’m not totally confident in my own singing.  Who knows. But that monumental  moment, changed my view of me singing infront of people.  It’s an amazing feeling.

Hope I can sing for all you internet people soon.



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