(adj.) free form worry, concern, or anxiety. (from the dictionary)

Now wouldn’t that be nice.  To be completely insouciant.  That’s my goal for 2017.  Resolutions used to be all about losing weight, growing out the hair on my head, saving up a bunch of money, and all those kinds of things.  Now I see that all comes with a healthy lifestyle.  But a good mental health is so much harder to obtain these days.

Think about how much time we waste on worrying about situations that have a slim chance of evening occurring.  Or how much time we waste expressing concern for things we cannot do anything about, and then how much time we waste having anxiety about all of the above.  So clearly worrying is just a waste of time.

These situations happen all of the time.  You’re worried about what someone is going to think of you, stop that. Don’t worry about that, it’s not in your control.  You’re worried about how you’re going to do on a test or a presentation, stop that. If you spend the time preparing rather than worrying, you wont have to worry about how well you’re going to do.  You’ll do great.  You’re concerned about someone else in a situation you have no control over… Empathy is great and everything, but there is no point in worrying about it if you can’t do anything about it.

So this year, i’m going to spend more time doing, rather than thinking.  I’m going to spend more time focusing on what I need to get done, doing it, and being insouciant.

It sounds a little selfish, but it’s the time in my life where being a little selfish helps me succeed.  In my opinion, being successful has a lot to do with being happy.

Happy New Year




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