Truth and choice

You know the saying “the truth will set you free” ?

Well I believe there is a lot of truth In that. The truth is powerful, but it is beautiful.

However, the truth can be extremely difficult. It can be painful, but the truth is extremely necessary. Speaking the truth is a choice. The truth can really set you free.

Imagine the stress you would be relieved from if you didn’t have to remember all the lies you tell. If you just tell the truth you’ll only have to remember what actually happened.

Some people lie with an excuse of trying not to hurt the other person. Honestly, it hurts more to be lied to. When you’re lied to, the liar subconsciously does not believe you’re worthy of the truth.

Everybody is worthy of the truth. Everybody.

When you lie to someone, it says more about you and less about the actual lie.

Nobody is perfect, everybody does lie. But we can always try to stop.

You make your own choices.

But it’s beyond my eyes.



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