Reputation vs. Character

Growing up I heard a lot of talk about reputation.  People trying to keep a reputation, build a reputation, create a new reputation.  Even wanting to move to start over in order to redo a reputation.

But what is reputation? What does it do for you? How do you create your own reputation?

I have come to the conclusion that an honest reputation is built off of character.

You can create any reputation you desire by doing things and saying things and acting a certain way. But what is the point if it’s not who you are? That’s a lot of acting to do and a lot of wasted energy.  Be honest with yourself, create good habits and the reputation you want will be there.  Worry about your character, who you actually are.  Be someone you want to be and create the habits to be that person and a stellar reputation will follow.  Habits are created in as easily as 21 days.  So wake up early, hit the gym, be early to your events, dress to impress, always wear a smile, go to yoga, build a tree house, plant a tree once a year, feed the birds, help at the soup kitchen, lay in bed all day, go to the store in sweat pants, don’t wear make-up, go on a hike, watch a whole Netflix season in one day, love yourself and actually be that person you want to be. Try to not pretend to be the person that you think everyone wants you to be.  Let your spirit live out loud!

Spend your time on being the person you wish to be.  Don’t waste your time trying to make people believe your a person you’re not.

Be more concerned with your character, and be less concerned with your reputation.

Happy Monday!!



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