As I was sitting there in my condo watching the rain fall on this january morning, I was searching for the perfect thing to write about.  I took for the fourth sip of my coffee and it hit me.  Perfection.  We are always searching for the perfect moment, the person, the perfect day.

We waste so much time searching.

Time is precious.  You never know how much time you actually have.  So instead of wasting time searching, we have to make the moments perfect.  You can’t let the past change you negatively.  You have to learn and move forward, and spend your time creating amazing memories every chance you get.  If you’re focusing so much on making something perfect, you’re just dooming yourself!

I’ll give you an example.

I am assisting in the planning of my sisters wedding.  We all know the serious stress and frustration that entails, especially as the maid of honor.  However, my sister and I have discovered a way of creating moments while we plan.  We spend more time laughing and enjoying each other while choosing venues, flowers, dress designers, caterers, etc.  Instead of just having only one extremely special day, we have one extremely special day and a year of memories, as well as an amazing unbreakable bond.

It’s something I have been working on. Creating special moments out of the most ordinary events.  Telling people I care about them at every possible chance I have.  Making sure no matter what I am doing,  I am incredibly happy doing it.

I mean sure, sometimes you do have to search for the perfect something, just like my sisters dress, but make the searching something worth remembering.  If you miserably search, the outcome will not nearly be as perfect if the search was advantageous.

But this is all beyond my eyes!

Happy Monday 



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